Argile 1.1.2

Create virtual clay models


  • Very easy to use
  • Realistic modeling effects


  • Can take some time to render images
  • Heavy on RAM and CPU

Very good

If you loved plasticine or clay as a kid, then you'll probably love Argile which allows you to let your imagination run wild in creating 3D models.

Alternatively, you might be a 3D designer who needs a sophisticated modeling app to test out your creations. Whatever your needs, Argile is a very powerful 3D artistic studio that allows you to visualize, sculpt and retouch 3D models. Its hugely flexible allowing you to create impressive morphs, sculpt models and paint them exactly how you want.

The good aspect of Argile is that for a 3D modeling program, it's incredibly easy to use. In just a few minutes, you will be modeling, shaping and painting. The feeling of Argile is of real clay as you use your mouse to push and mold material. This doesn't make it any easier than the real thing but it's great fun just prodding and pulling clay. You can then add paint via the paint pallet and finally and a few classy touches by rendering the whole thing. This enables you to both add such effects as cartoon styling and animation effects that round of your creation nicely.

Powerful and yet incredibly easy to use, Argile is an extremely impressive 3D modeling app that may not serve the needs of professional designers but it's a great starting point for amateurs.



Argile 1.1.2

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